When was the last time you smiled or made someone smile or laugh?  With the streams of lockdown, deaths, and other negative news we hear everyday amid the COVID-19 pandemic there are still a lot of things that we can be thankful for.

Earth-observing satellites have detected a significant decrease in nitrogen dioxide in the Bay Area.  The world’s air quality, in general, has dramatically improved.  That makes it good for the lungs.  The main part of the body the coronavirus attacks.

While the Earth seems to be healing itself, we also heal ourselves.  

Less air pollution means you can rise in the morning and freely breathe the fresh air while enjoying the beautiful sunrise.  And, stargazed on the clear sky on a quiet night with the whole family due to the decreased noise pollution.

While we distance ourselves from others by practicing social distancing, the shelter-in-place order is making us closer to our family.  Enjoying the day with my wife and kids, playing around and seeing them smile, laugh, feel their warm embrace, or simply enjoying the barbecue together is the coolest and most amazing part of having a family.  The LOVE that we feel and the time that we spend with our family is priceless and seems to be enough to boost our immune system in fighting COVID-19.

In times like this it always reminds me of these two quotations:

Be Positive

Let’s surround ourselves with positive energy.  Always look at the positive side.  All it takes is a simple smile to brighten your day and everyone around you.  As they say, ‘Laughter is the best medicine.’  It’s free, it relaxes and distresses us, it makes us feel good and it boosts our immune system!  Above all, it radiates our natural beauty!

Amid this pandemic, it’s a great way to reach out with humor and let our friends and loved ones feel remembered and special.  We’ve searched for the coolest gifts that you can give to your depressed or isolated coworkers, friends, relatives that will surely change their view of this isolation and pandemic to spark that unforgettable sweet smile with a glass of cold beer.

As the popular beer song says, “In Heaven There Is No Beer.”  So, let’s drink and enjoy it here!  Moreover, what a special way to do it with these special gifts.  Cheers!

I’m Not Rude I’m”Social Distancing – Engraved Beer Glass-16 oz

A great gift that will stand all your Social Distancing.  Engraved and ship from the USA.  It will never wash off and will never fade away.

Alankathy Mugs – Coronavirus (16 OZ PINT BEER GLASS)

A durable glass for your favorite beer.  Sandblast etched in the USA without using any chemical.


I Survived The Pandemic, One Ounce At A Time, 16 oz Beer Glass

Show your sense of humor with this new pandemic (COVID-19) design.  A timely gift for beer lovers.


This May or May Not Be Corona –  Humorous Pint Beer Glass, 16 oz

A glass perfect for holding an entire bottle of beer.  Engraved in the USA.  The design won’t wear off or wear out with repeated use.


COVID-19 Hold My Beer – 16 oz. Pint Glass – Set of 4

You’ll surely laugh and enjoy drinking that cold beer with your friends with these pint beer glasses. Hand wash only.  Not for dishwasher.


Hero Thank You Gift Coronavirus Covid-19 Pint Pub Beer Glass

A perfect gift to thank the brave HEROES in the frontline of our COVID-19 pandemic. To the doctors, nurses, hospital staff, the delivery men and women bringing us food supplies, garbage collectors, postal workers, and first responders.


Hero Thank You Gift Coronavirus Covid-19 Beer Mug

Do you know someone brave enough to be in the frontline of our COVID-19 pandemic?  This beer mug as a small token of appreciation for their bravery will surely brighten their day.  Made in the USA.


It’s Not Drinking Alone if You are Social Distancing – Permanently Engraved, 17 oz

The perfect wine glass gift while on shelter.  Engraved and ship from the USA. It will never wash off and will never fade away.


Quarantined on My 21st Birthday Wine Glass, 21 oz

Best gift for wine lovers while quarantined on their 21st Birthday.


Quarantined on My 40th Birthday Wine Glass, 21 oz

Life begins at 40!  A perfect gift for wine lovers while quarantined on their 4oth birthday.


Class of 2020 Quarantined, Stemless Wine Glass

This wine glass is a perfect gift for those graduating.  A perfect way to enjoy red wine, white wine, or any beverage in a funny, humorous wine glass.  Made and crafted in the USA.


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