She Sheds for Women, Man Cave for Men.  Why not a Home Bar for All Gender?

The Differences

Man Cave

A Man Cave?  A Man Cave is a male sanctuary, a personal and private space of a gentleman in a house.  It is a solitary place where a guy retreats and expresses his creativity as he has the authority to design his room.  Generally, wives have a voice in the house’s design and decor because of their role in managing household affairs.  Whereas, in a man cave, it is here where the guy executes his guy thing heedless of infringing a female sensibility.

She Shed

On the other hand, a She Shed is a women’s version of the Man Cave.  And women claim it’s superior.  While Man Caves are a part of the house like a spare room or a garage, She Sheds in contrast are a home away from home.  They may be in the garden or a cottage,  a space detached from the house.  It is a hideout where women can relax and do their thing without a husband/partner or kids around.

Point to consider

On one website, I came across a reader asking, “If a man has a Man Cave and a woman a She Shed, how about those in the LGBT+ community?”

There is no question that men, women, and the LGBT+ community have their differences.  We recognize everyone equally, but let us accept the reality that they are distinct from one another.  Probably equal to opportunities and other social aspects, but entirely different in their psychological and physical well-being.  And this is the reason why every gender has different needs and desires.

While there is now broad acceptance of various terms of sexuality and gender identity, there sounds to be a general or generic identifying sexuality to all: the “guy thing” and the “girl thing.”  So, a Man Cave is for those who love the guy thing, and a She Shed for the girl thing lovers.  While the Home Bar is for everyone who loves beer, wines, and spirits.

As the man cave, the shed, and the home bar have similarities in their design layout and purpose, I will be talking about the three side by side.

Essentials needed:


A. Man Cave

Firstly, look for unused space in the house like a spare room, garage, and basement.

B. She Shed

An old backyard cottage/shed separate from the house. Don’t have an old cottage/shed? You can buy an easy-to-build shed online or in your local stores.


 C. Home Bar

Look for unused space in the house like a spare room, garage, and basement.  But if space is limited, a corner portion in the living room or a balcony will suffice.


Generally, the best way to think of a theme is to look into your hobby.  Moreover, define your space in the way you want to spend your free time in it.  For Man Cave, a basketball, baseball, football, and car racing theme sounds good.  In contrast, for a She Shed, great designs are art, music, pottery, and a Barbie theme.


On the whole, creating an inviting entrance is the best way to welcome friends to your hideaway.

A. Man Cave Personalized Entrance Signs

B. She Shed Personalized Door Signs


C. She Shed Door Mat


Equip your space to entertain and welcome guests. You stuffed the Man Cave and Home Bar with beer, wines, and spirits.  While She Sheds can be loaded with snacks, juices, and various beers, wines, and spirits for that girl talk session with friends.  Moreover, a fridge will guarantee a cold drink for that unexpected little party.

A. A Kegerator, bar/stool & a fridge for a Man Cave, and a Home Bar


B. Multi-storage buffet & a mini-fridge for a She Shed



A widescreen smart tv for a Man Cave, She Shed, or Home Bar is undeniably perfect for watching sports, DIY videos, and movies.  Also excellent for browsing the net for related activities you enjoy doing for a hobby or a project.



A. Sofa and Sofa Bed for Man Cave, She Shed, and a Home Bar.

Best way to relax while watching Superbowl or your favorite movie on your big tv screen.  While you can lie down for that relaxing sleep to recharge yourself.

B. Recliner for Man Cave and a Home Bar

Certainly, a relaxing way to watch the big screen as it improves blood circulation.

 C. Day Bed and Throw Pillows for a She Shed

The Day Bed is evidently getting back.  It is perfect for seating, reading, and an afternoon nap. Throw Pillows on the other hand provide extra cushioning and perfect hugs.




A. Man Cave & Home Bar

Men would more often show their competitive side than women.  As a result, they are more into sports and physical activities.

Pool Table

It’s hard to imagine a Man Cave without a pool table.  You’ll surely almost see this piece in any Man Cave.  Pool games would be one of the safest sports in the world unless you threw those ivory balls at each other.  Kidding aside, it’s undeniably one of the most eye-catching pieces in a Man Cave.  On the other hand, a pool table that easily converts to a hockey table like the one below adds more excitement to the Man Cave.



10-in-1 Combo Game Table Set

A SPACE-SAVING VERSATILE 10-IN-1 TABLE: The interchangeable tabletop nonetheless lets you play slide hockey, football, pool, shuffleboard, table tennis, chess, cards, checkers, bowling, and backgammon.



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A dartboard is unquestionably a sure-winner game!  Everybody undoubtedly loves playing this game.

Viper Hideaway Cabinet & Steel-Tip Dartboard Ready-to-Play Bundle

  Best Sellers in Dartboard with Cabinets


B. She Shed

While ladies may include table and board games on their She Shed, ladies are more inclined to do things that would show their creative side rather than their competitive side.

Crafting Tools & Supplies

Ladies undeniably love to work on ART pieces and play with colors.

Dorhui 372 Pieces Leather Crafting Tools

 H&B Acrylic Painting Set-Mandala Dotting Tools Painting Kit



Women undoubtedly love to create.  Above all, they find satisfaction in seeing their work mold into a piece of art.  In pottery, ladies’ creative and artistic sides equally work together to form that fragile piece of art.

Meuxan 30PCS Pottery Tools Clay Sculpting Tool Set

Gardening Tools

Always surrounded by nature, gardening is undeniably a stress reliever in a She Shed.  As you relax, meditate or exercise, breathing fresh oxygen from the surrounding plants will consequently positively impact your health.

NAYE Garden Tool Set,Cute Gardening Gifts for Women,Heavy Duty Tool Kit with Gardening Gloves,Garden Tote,Kneeling Pad,Hand Pruner,Trowel,Hand Rake,Weeder



A. Man Cave and Home Bar

Sports Memorabilia, Bar Accessories, Signs & Posters


Sports Memorabilia
Bar Accessories
Man Cave Signs & Decor


B. She Shed

Chandeliers, Antiques, Artwork




She Shed Decorations




Sharing our hideout

Certainly, it is sometimes more fulfilling and satisfying to share and let the other family members disturb us in our hideout.  Subsequently, our children will only remain kids for a short period.  Once they have grown up, they will have their own private space.  So, it would be better to enjoy our time with them while still young.


Above all, don’t forget that the primary purpose of the Man Cave, She Shed, and a Home Bar is to relax, destress and let us show our creative side.  Certainly, a way to get in touch with our individuality.

Men have their Man Caves.

A She Shed was conceptualized primarily for women and specifically for those who love the girl thing.

A Home Bar is generally for all gender.  It is therefore more flexible in design as the “guy thing” and “girl thing” can be combined in the design setup.