Best In Home Coffee Bar Design Ideas

We seem to all love coffee shops. Recent studies have found that we tend to increase our concentration in doing something inside the coffee shop by hearing people’s sounds chatting in the background. Moreover, the coffee aroma enlivens our mood and spirit. And mostly, that excellent coffee taste kicks in to start our day. Consequently, we sometimes wish to bring home the coffee shop with all the positive energy we get from it. Therefore, we are giving you fabulous yet straightforward ideas in Home Coffee Bar.

Today, we are going to show you how to recreate the coffee shop atmosphere in your home. Feel the same positive vibes you get in the coffee shop while you are at home. Of course, with the same excellent tasting coffee.

Before we start, it is essential to note that our goal is to recreate a coffee shop’s atmosphere. That is to say, not to copy the exact physical setup of a coffee shop. Consequently, we still like to maintain the homey feeling. And in addition, we combined it with the coffee shop atmosphere.

A Coffee Shop has a Coffee Bar/Coffee Station.

Select a spot in your home where you’re going to set up a home coffee bar or a coffee station. Space doesn’t have to be huge. Even if you have limited space, a small corner or area in your kitchen or basement can make up for a DIY Home Coffee Bar/Station. Moreover, a terrace will be a cozy place for an alfresco home coffee bar.

A. Countertop Coffee Bar

A section on your countertop where your coffee maker stands can be a perfect place for a Countertop Coffee Bar.

Countertop Coffee Bar

Things to prepare in a Countertop Coffee Bar:

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Things to do in setting up a Countertop Coffee Bar:

  • Fill the jars with the whole coffee beans, sugar, creamer, cinnamon, and biscotti.


Persona Coffee Fresh While Coffee Beans

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  • Arrange your filled coffee jar/canister in a tray. If you have a condiment organizer for pre-packed condiments, that would also be excellent.

Coffee Jar Set in Home Coffee Bar

Coffee Jar Tray

Coffee Jar with Tray in Home Coffee Bar


Condiment Organizer in Home Coffee Bar

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Black+Decker CM1160B-1 CM1160B 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

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  • You can place the coffee grinder beside the coffee maker. On the other hand, you can also put it on the opposite side. Use your design skills. You have the freedom to make the best arrangement for your convenience. And, whatever you think is most pleasing to your eyes, do it.


SBOLY Electric Coffee Grinder

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  • Put the cups/mugs in a rack to save space and organize the cups/mugs to make them easily accessible and pleasant to see.


X-cosrack Rustic Countertop Mug Rack Holder

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  • Place a Coffe Bar Sign for aesthetics. You can also use a chalkboard and put a handwritten note or your favorite quotation. A funny quote about coffee will be an added humor to your home coffee bar.


Countertop Sign

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The video below from The5Storys shows a beautiful Countertop Coffee Bar.

B. Coffee Cart

Mind Reader Mobile Cart

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A mobile coffee station is a great way to entertain friends. Bring the coffee cart to the living room or the guest room. If you have a member in the family who loves coffee but has a movement disability or disorder, this is the perfect coffee bar to show them how much we care for them. Instead of just bringing them a cup of coffee, it is better to get the coffee cart closer to them and prepare that great cup of coffee in front of them –  be a Barista to your loved ones. Moreover, the love and care we show our loved ones combined with the coffee shop atmosphere will positively affect their emotional and mental state. It’s like bringing them out to a coffee shop which they have probably not done for a long time due to their physical inability.

Things to prepare in a Coffee Cart:

Things to do in setting up a Coffee Cart:

  • Place the Mobile Cart in the kitchen or any available space in the house. A place where you can put it back after using it.
  • Fill the jars with the whole coffee beans, sugar, creamer, cinnamon, and biscotti.
  • Place the Coffee Maker and Coffee Grinder on the top level of the mobile cart. Consequently, we recommend using a smaller coffee grinder such as manual grinders if you are saving space. A portable electric coffee grinder will also do, but this type of grinder is usually a blade grinder. For better-tasting coffee, we suggest using a conical burr grinder. On the other hand, you can put your grinder on the kitchen countertop, grind your whole beans before using them, and then put them in the coffee jar. That way, you don’t have to bring the coffee grinder to the mobile cart.
  • Arrange your filled coffee jar/canister in a tray and put it on the second level of the mobile cart. On the other hand, you can place the jars/canisters on the second level even without a tray if they are secured to stay in place while moving the mobile cart.
  • If you have a condiments organizer, you can put it beside the coffee maker. Likewise, you can also set it beside the jars/canisters.
  • Safely put the coffee cups/ mugs in the coffee cart.
  • You can place a Coffee Bar Sign on where you station the Coffee Cart when not in use or a coffee frame on the mobile cart.

Coffee Frame

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C. Another option for a Coffee Cart – A Keurig Coffee Cart

Having a cup of freshly ground coffee beans is still the best way to enjoy coffee at its best. The time you consume preparing that excellent coffee, especially if we do it for someone we love, is priceless.

However, some people are always on the go. Therefore, they have little time to prepare a cup of coffee. An alternative will be a Keurig Coffee Maker. It certainly provides convenience and requires lesser space as you don’t need a coffee grinder using it. If you are a busy person who has little time to prepare a cup of coffee, this might be what you need. You can have an excellent coffee in seconds. But less expensive than going to a coffee shop. Moreover, Keurig offers a variety of flavors with its K-Cup pods.

Things to prepare in a Keurig Coffee Cart:

  • Keurig Coffee Maker (Slim Type is perfect for a Coffee Cart)


Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker

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  • K-Cup Carousel/Rack

K-Cup Holder

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Things to do in setting up a Keurig Coffe Cart:

  • Firstly, place the Keurig Coffee Maker on the top level of the cart.
  • Then, put the K-Cup Pods into the Carousel, and place them beside the Keurig Coffee Maker.
  • After that, put the coffee mugs on the second level of the cart.
  • Arrange the Creamer and sugar packets in the condiments organizer, As well as the coffee spoons and napkins.

D. Home Coffee Shop Coffee Station

You can place a Coffee Station in the living room, kitchen, family room, or any space available in the house. A corner of the house is an excellent choice for a Coffee Station as you can maximize the space by using wall shelves or a cabinet. While Coffee Stations are mostly stationary, you can also use the coffee cart in the Coffee Station. Consequently, a brilliant idea to save space. Additionally, it serves as a 2-in-1 Coffee Station – mobile and stationary.


Coffee Mug Wall Rack

Coffee Bar Sign

Small Coffee Bar

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Things to prepare in a Coffee Station:

Things to do in setting up a Coffee Station:

  • Follow the steps in setting up a coffee cart, whether you’re using a mobile cart or a stationary coffee console.
  • In addition to the coffee cups or mugs in the cart/console, put a wall-mounted coffee mug holder. Putting more coffee mugs in your coffee station will allow you to accommodate more coffee drinkers, especially if you have guests.
  • Put a wall-mounted coffee bar sign.
  • For a refreshing indoor atmosphere, you can place potted indoor plants on both sides of the coffee station.

E. Personalized Home Coffee Bar

If you have enough space, you can put a Personalized Home Coffee Bar.  The design of a Personalized Home Coffee Bar is closer to the arrangement and the physical set-up of an actual coffee shop’s bar. But smaller and more of your personality, design-wise.

Things to prepare in a Personalized Home Coffee Bar:

  • Prepare the same materials as the Coffee Cart. But, this time, instead of using a coffee cart, make use of a bar or a more extended console.
  • In addition to the coffee maker, grinder, and Keurig coffee maker, you can put more coffee bar accessories such as candles and different brewing apparatus for specific brewing methods like Aeropress, Chemex, scale, kettle, milk frothing jug, etc.
  • At least two shelves. Floating shelves are more pleasing to see.
  • You’ll need a chalkboard for that nostalgic authentic coffee shop bar design. And chalk for the coffee art.
  • Prepare your family’s picture frames or any personal collection that you can place in the coffee bar.
  • A Countertop Bar (This is optional as it requires a bigger space.)

Home Coffee Bar Equipment

AeropressChemexElecric Coffee KettleWeighing Scale
Coffee Maker-GrinderKeurig Coffee BrewerMilk Frothing JugK-Cup for Keurig

Things to do in setting up a Personalized Home Coffee Bar:

  • Firstly, Clean the wall where you’re going to hang the chalkboard.
  • Then, hang the chalkboard on the wall above the console.
  • Afterwhich, put a mark on the chalkboard where you’re going to place the shelves.
  • Moreover, arrange your coffee equipment on top of the console. There’s no specific rule in the layout of your coffee equipment. But, for comfort and ease of access, you can group the coffee maker, grinder, and Keurig.
  • Consequently, use your best judgment in designing and laying out the other coffee accessories in the console. Your Personalized Home Coffee Bar should reflect your personality.
  • Lastly, if you have space for a countertop bar similar to those in the coffee shop, it will give the natural coffee shop atmosphere more.

The video below from RunwayDoneMYWAY is an excellent example of a DIY Home Coffee Bar.

To sum it all, there’s no specific rule in designing a Home Coffee Bar. Therefore, you have the flexibility to experiment with the layout and design of your Home Coffee Bar. However, we have provided the basic ideas and concepts that give you a general perception of a Home Coffee Bar.

We know that the ideas we provided are not the best because we’re pretty sure that yours is the best.