Have you ever thought of becoming a craft brewer?  The mere idea of brewing your beer might give you the sparkle of excitement in your eyes and enthusiasm to start home brewing.  Have you ever wonder what makes up a great beer and the manufacturing process behind it before you savor its distinct taste? Your intuitive mind will surely sparkle your interest in beer making. The shelter in place is the best time to turn your curiosity into a winning passion – the art, science, and joy of Homebrewing.

In-depth knowledge of the beer-making process will undoubtedly strengthen your love for beer. Indeed, after devoting your time and effort to produce your labor’s tangible product, there is a sense of fulfillment.

Imagine serving your beer creation to your friends at dinner and see their eyes widen with appreciation after the first sip of your home-brewed beer.


Homebrewing improves a brewer’s state of mind. Moreover, he finds satisfaction and joy in finding the correct formulation of his beer creation. As a homebrewer expands his social connection, he finds more opportunities to interact. Meet new friends and groups with the same interest and passion, which will undoubtedly help him learn more about the techniques and secrets of home brewing.

Beer provides significant health benefits if taken in moderation. The ingredients used in beer, such as hops, yeast, water, cereals, give antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that your body needs.  Furthermore, homebrewed beer contains active yeast, which naturally carbonates the beer, unlike the commercial breweries, which filter out the yeast and deviate from the all-natural brewing process by force carbonating the beer. The active yeast also helps in maintaining the proper functioning of the digestive tract.

Start with the basics. Then,  gradually move forward as you gain intricate knowledge in home brewing. Homebrewing is a unique hobby. Only for the BEER LOVERS!  You never know; this might be the start of something great for you.

You will find below the bestsellers in Homebrewing Starter Kits that will quickly get you to start homebrewing:

Craft A Brew BK Home Brewing Oak Aged IPA Reusable Starter Beer Kit 

Craft A Brew designed this 1 Gallon Reusable Beer Kit with the first-timers and hobbyist in mind. Included in the kit is a user-friendly instruction manual. It also has a helpful YouTube channel.

Northern Brewer – Homebrewing Starter Set (Block Party Amber)

This 5 Gallon Beer Kit includes everything you need to brew your first beer in your home today.  The kit has Testing Equipment, Brewing Kettle, and Block Party Ale Amber Recipe Kit.   It also includes foolproof instruction material.

Mr. Beer 2 Gallon Complete Beer Making Kit with Bottles Perfect for Beginners, Premium Gold Edition

Mr. Beer designed the kit with the first-time brewer in mind. It has an easy to follow step-by-step instructions, simple ingredients, and easy-to-use brewing equipment.  It will only take 30 minutes of your time to brew with this kit.

Brooklyn Brew Shop Afternoon Wheat Beer Making Kit: All-Grain Starter Set

This beer kit is an award-winning, all-grain kit – made in the USA. Perfect for beginners, the kit includes an easy to follow videos and step-by-step instructions.  Included in the kit are a Reusable Glass Fermenter, Brew Equipment, Ingredients (Malted Barley, Hops, Yeast). Perfect For Brewing Craft Beer At Home.

Northern Brewer – 1 Gallon Craft Beer Making Starter Kit, Equipment and Beer Recipe Kit (Caribou Slobber Brown Ale)

HIGHEST RATED One Gallon Starter Kit on the market.  Easy instructions and fantastic customer support, seven days a week, to answer your queries for a successful brew.


Mr. Beer 40-20974-00 IPA Edition 2 Gallon Homebrewing Craft Beer Making Kit with IPA Refill

Mr. Beer designed the beer kit to simplify the brewing process.  This kit includes everything you need. Convenient Fermenter and Bottles to get you started.

Craft a Brew Recipe Kit, 1 Gallon, American Pale Ale

Keep brewing for more creation!  If you already enjoyed your Beer Brewing Starter Kit, don’t buy more Starter Set – grab a refill!   For brewing a small batch of American Pale Ale beer.